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Scoreboard: Deluxe 22-gauge galvanneal steel scoreboard with a powder-coat finish comes with huge 15” orange and red superbright 100,000-hour rated LED (light emitting diode) numerals. Easy to use, universal LCD controller with visual readout included. 1/10th of a second timing feature in last minute and time-out timer standard. Scores go 0-199. Clock counts down from 99:59 maximum. Also included are: loud buzzer horn, bottler sponsor logos, built-in 12” x 8’ sponsor panel with basic lettering, wall mount brackets and a complete operation, installation and service manual (150’ control cable with j-box cover also included—cable models only). Interchangeable captions for volleyball and wrestling standard. Wrestling captions read BOUT, ADV./WEIGHT and BOUT. Multiple scoreboards can be run in synchronization or independently. INDOOR USE ONLY. 5-YEAR LIMITED WARRANTY.

Player/Point/Foul Panels: State-of-the-art 18-gauge steel electronic foul panel set comes with large 9” orange and red superbright 100,000-hour rated LED numerals. Electronic panels will display current five player numbers, points and fouls as well as team time-outs left. INDOOR USE ONLY. 5-YEAR LIMITED WARRANTY.

Player Name Panels: (set 15 Players) Each player name panel has room for 15 players names on each side. Panels are reversible so names of players for varsity and junior varsity can be set prior to games. A complete set of 4”-high white letters and numbers are included, as well as a pulley system for raising and lowering name panels.

Size: 21' x 8' x 8"
Hanging Weight: 850 lbs.
Popular Options: Wireless Remote Control System, Controller Carry Case, Hand-Held Clock Switch