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The deluxe portable tabletop scoreboard for serious indoor programs. Score basketball, wrestling, volleyball and most other popular indoor sports. In addition to displaying BONUS and POSSESSION, this scoreboard also displays PERIOD. Scores go 0-199. Superbright, 100,000-hour rated yellow, red and green 4” LED (light emitting diode) displays ensure many years of trouble-free use. 1/10th of a second timing in last minute included, as well as a loud built-in horn. Clock counts up or down to 99:59 and has workout/practice and circuit timer modes. Scorekeeping has never been easier—the control panel is built right on the back of the unit and features a complete readout screen so the scoreboard operator can see everything that the players and fans see. The handle is located on the backside for quick and easy transport. INDOOR USE ONLY. 1-YEAR LIMITED WARRANTY.
Size: 22" x 15" x 8"
Hanging Weight: 10 lbs.
Popular Options: External Battery Pack